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Iris’ will to resist her sister, to remain herself, suddenly burst in full power, forcing Dahlia’s spirit out of her body immediately. Dahlia was flown backwards through the wall, though she crept back out of it, ready to begin again…

but she couldn’t. Without a vessel, she could do nothing. Her medium was dead, and Maya Fey too strong. But Iris?!? How…?!

It seems…I…!! Urgh!!


She screamed and vanished into thin air, leaving Machi’s ragged breathing as the only sound.

Lang was silent, that thought was quite possibly the scariest thought he could ever be faced with, not including either endings to that same train. But he couldn’t — wouldn’t back down, not if Dahlia was involved. And especially when Iris needed him here with her. His hand enclosed itself around hers protectively.

He believed in her. She could do this. His hand pressed a bit tighter, but not quite so much as to hurt her, You can do this Iris. I know you can, Lang ran over a prayer in his head, just to be safe.

Come on. Come on, come on.

Once he heard Dahlia’s scream of defeat, and her eventual disappearance, he relaxed, although his hand didn’t release itself from its hold on Iris’ hand. Lang smiled when he looked at her face, and put his palm on top of the side of her face as he looked into her eyes.

Are you alright, Iris? He asked, his face fairly close to hers before he simply took her in a hug. He was so relieved, even if a voice in the back of his mind
 was saying that he was stepping out of bounds. Iris was still…Daryan’s. 

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Dahlia watched Lang intently as he dialed the phone until her vision completely turned black. She raised her head and spoke softly.

I win…

Her body thrashed violently for a moment, and she was still.

For a long time, the blood-drenched room was silent.

But the small sound of a girlish laugh echoed through the room, growing louder and louder as it pealed from the medium’s body. The blue spirit flame engulfed the medium, and Dahlia’s tainted spirit manifested itself.

Heehee! Well, that was fun.

He largely ignored the show Dahlia’s death had performed, but bared his canines at Dahlia in response to her claiming that she had won. You’re lucky that the anon was here before me. He should’ve known something was up. He really should’ve known…

And in the blessed silence, he closed his eyes and exhaled a breath he hadn’t known he was holding in. It was quiet now; he’d have to work quickly to keep the injured alive, though he did ask Iris if she and the stranger were alright before he turned to the pressing matter at hand..

Lang went into action, blocking bloodflow as best he could, hoping that he could at least keep them alive until the paramedics arrived. He was silent, focused on that task.

At the sound of Dahlia’s voice, he merely rolled his eyes and kept his attention on Machi. Hey, if you can hear me, blink your eyes once.

(Source: wolfofinterpol)


As she tried to speak, blood burbled from her lips. At least Dahlia could smile as she watched Lang’s handsome face twist in horror.

Hee…hee~ Welcome…Mr. Wolf…

Too…late…! Ahaha..haha!

She choked; the knife had done its job well. She could hold on for another few minutes, maybe.

The horror washed away quick; he’d have to be calm — he couldn’t panic, though concern was hard to hide when he looked down at Iris, and by extension, Machi, a stranger, and the anon he had faced just a few weeks ago, if that. He wasn’t afraid, however. Even if Dahlia wasn’t harmed… He just needed to get them to stay alive and to the hospital.

Like you’re one to talk, cub. He smirked down at the injured murderess despite the anger and worry, and a whole mess of other emotions that inhabited his body at the moment. Either way, he’d have to call for an ambulance, and quick. But Dahlia… Ngh. Could she move? He doubted it, but she had surprised him before. It didn’t matter now, he’d have to be cautious if any of the injured where going to make it out alive.

Try to cover their wounds until an ambulance arrives. She’s not going to last long. His voice was calm, despite the gears turning and grinding for anything to grasp and hold on to, to keep Dahlia in her place while he focused on calling the emergency center. Even if it meant blood on his hands, he’d force her to stay where she was.

Lang was tempted to act on his instints, to tear Dahlia apart, limb from limb, but someone—or something— had already beaten him to it, but didn’t finish the job.

Don’t tempt me, cub…, was his only thought as he reached for the phone, and checked the dialtone, hoping that there was one. If not, this already terrible situation might get worse…

(Source: wolfofinterpol)

((Just so Lang isn’t in limbo with Machi maybe))

Lang was worried, the fear and anger dwelled in his eyes despite the usual expression on his face as he made the rounds in the coffee shop, and checked every nook and cranny for any possible leads or clues of Dahlia’s presence — anything that would lead him to Iris, or, for that matter, Dahlia.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much, if anything, to go on in there; certainly nothing that would’ve lead to either Dahlia or Iris. His hands went to his temples as he wracked his brains to trying to find out any lead—anything that he could latch on to and pull her back to him—safety. Or possibly rip Dahlia a new one, just so long as he could find Iris in one piece, or alive, he’d be satisfied—

Wait. Lang hesitated in his steps as he exited the coffeeshop, and looked down. There were familiar shoeprints around him; he vaguely recognized the designs they made, but… he knew it was a long shot, but he’d take it. He only hoped that this was a good decision…

He worked through the prints, not wasting time once a pair weren’t relavent to his search, and finally came up with satisfactory results that lead to the apartment complex right around the corner.

I’m coming, Iris. Just hang in there! Lang thought as he worked his way to Dahlia’s apartment. "Iris? Are you alright? Can you hear me?" He asked every couple of steps, walking hurriedly through the apartments, but he was cautious. She could be anywhere,and that went double for Dahlia…

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